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The surveys below were undertaken in mid 2009 and have now closed. Findings from the two surveys are available on the Gardens Page and in the Summary of Findings document that can be found on the Useful Resources section of this website. These surveys have helped to inform the development of the SCOPE project which is currently underway 2010-2011.

The following surveys are the best way that you can contribute to the RIG Network community. If you work in remote Indigenous local food gardens then we need your help!

1. RIG Information Survey

We are undertaking research in order to identify and to share useful resources, contacts and ‘stories’ about local food garden projects and enterprises that do (and sometimes don’t) work.

This RIG Information Survey is a key part of the consultative research that we are doing and we encourage you to support the RIG Network by taking time to complete and return this survey to us. This survey has been designed for cross-sectoral strategic stakeholders (from research, community, business, government and non-government organizations) and aims to gather cross-sectoral data and strategic information.

2. RIG Garden Profile

This questionnaire has been designed for gardens that are currently operating and for gardens that may have recently stopped, but possibly could be re-started with some support if sought by the community. It is part of a broader stakeholder survey process being undertaken to identify and share useful information within the network.