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RIGN NSW 2015 – Medibank

In 2014 Foodswell received a generous grant from the Medibank Community Grants program to support RIG Network activities and people to visit, share and cooperate with remote NSW communities to help grow more good food, cooperation and better health. This grant has provided RIG Network team members with the opportunity to visit and work with communities in Inverell, Albury (Westside Community Centre), Moree, Engonnia and Brewarrina.

Thank you Medibank. 

With your support we have been able to visit and work especially with people in Engonnia and Brewarrina on a sustained basis – as well as enjoying the opportunity to contribute to and support the amazing work of the Literacy For Life Foundation in Western NSW. Together, we have planted many fruit trees, built compost and healthy soil skills, run workshops, grown many herb and veg gardens and got some pretty fab, local  placemaking and food gardens underway that with local people who designed, created, love and own them.  And along the way we’ve helped connect people and programs to keep it all growing – including the RBG Community Greening and Youth Community Greening Teams who visited Engonnia and Brewarrina in May 2016. Great Stuff! Thank you Medibank!

Bre Finger lime

Bre team corner

Bre herb & bush food garden

Bre gardeners

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