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Workshop Intro and Program

THE WORKSHOP PROGRAM (click on link to download program)

Darwin ICC Regional CDEP Network Workshop


The overall aim of the workshop was to enable CDEP practitioners who are involved in local food production and horticultural projects to come together to share ideas and experience, to access useful information and project models, and to meet with key industry and other contacts.

The opportunity for CDEP practitioners to meet with relevant people from other sectors will support CDEP personnel pursue better practice and assist them in the design and delivery of more sustainable project, enterprise development and employment outcomes.

The workshop program was developed with input from Darwin ICC Regional CDEP Network members for the following target audiences: CDEP Managers, Community Development Officers, Horticultural Project Officers/Specialists, local mentors, project supervisors and select CDEP participants.

A number of experts from industry, training groups, non-government, community development, NT government departments, health and Aboriginal organisations were invited to make presentations and/or otherwise participate in key theme sessions. We welcome and thank participants from these sectors for their contributions to the workshop.

The workshop was held in Darwin on Thursday and Friday, 11th and 12th of November at the Holiday Inn, Esplanade, Darwin (Litchfield Room).

Day One of the workshop enabled CDEP participants to share information about projects that they have underway; to learn about a range of project approaches underway within the broader region; and to interact with industry and other experts about past projects and experiences, future opportunities and new approaches to engaging community interest and participation in local food production projects.

Day Two of the workshop focused upon effective project planning, strategic issues and partnership opportunities. Contributors on day two included key people from health, research, training and funding organizations who may be able to provide useful linkages and other input to support project development and transition planning for CDEP participants and projects.

The workshop was a joint initiative of the Darwin ICC Regional CDEP Network and the Remote Indigenous Gardens Network and was made possible with support from the Darwin Regional Indigenous Advancement and CDEP Inc.

If you’d like further information about next steps, follow up or you’d like to offer suggestion, please contact me.

Anthea Fawcett

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