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A list of recommended books and links for Top End gardens – plus New* ALEP Guides

Good gardening books for the Top End

Most frequently recommended to RIG network:

Leonie Norrington, Tropical Food Gardens – A guide to growing fruit, herbs and vegetables in tropical and sub-tropical climates. 2001, Bloomings Books.

Judy McMaugh, What Garden Pest or Disease is that? Organic and Chemical Solutions for every garden problem,

N Smith, Native Plants for Top End Gardens, Greening Australia

Others that look good:

Peter Cundall, Practical Australian Gardener, 2007

“This is the complete garden guide from the famous ABC garden presenter. Whether you’re planting vegetables, ornamentals, houseplants, home orchards, or landscaping a larger area you will find this book invaluable. It tells you how to have a pest-free garden without using dangerous chemicals and includes a week-by-week plan of action for the whole year”

(See about how to obtain a copy).

Peter Cundall, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Annette McFarlane and Penny Woodward Organic Gardener: Essential Guide, ABC 2009

Organic Gardener has also released its Essential Guide – Getting Started, a compilation of articles by some of Australia’s top gardeners giving all the secrets of starting and maintaining an organic vegie patch.

(See about how to obtain a copy).

Queensland Planting Guide – A Basic Guide to Organic Gardening

published by Brisbane Organic Growers Inc.

The Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. (BOGI) is a non-profit organisation based in Brisbane and dedicated to assisting gardeners develop organic gardening knowledge and skills. BOGI has now produced a revised edition of the Queensland Planting Guide. This booklet is a succinct yet comprehensive guide particularly useful for gardeners in the subtropics and tropics, though it also covers cool to frost areas. Includes detailed seed planting guides for each climate as well as instruction on maintaining fruit trees and bananas throughout the year.  (Google BOGI on how to obtain a copy)

Good websites for fruit and veggie info for Top End gardens

See:             The Gardening Australia, ABC   -

A great range of fact sheets and stories from key people such as Leonie Norrington and Josh Byrne

See:             subTropical Gardening and Landscaping in warm climates,

This is a quarterly magazine, that requires a subscription, but is well worth looking at as it provides good information about fruit and veggies for northern conditions.

See            Green Harvest Australia’s website for good organic gardening references

Aboriginal Landcare Education Program (ALEP) – Greening Australia

ALEP, the Aboriginal Landcare Education Program, an initiative of Greening Australia, has developed a comprehensive suite of resource guides for Certificate 2 level units in Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management training packages. There are 14 guides in the complete set and all are now available. The guides are known as the Green Cadets – Grinwan Geing learning guides.

To learn more about the complete set of guides go to:

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