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Anthea Fawcett

A fawcett thumb portraitFounder, Remote Indigenous Gardens Network

Managing Director, FoodSwell Limited

FoodSwell Limited (ACN 163 396 736) is a new social enterprise and a registered charity whose programs include  and expand upon those of the Remote Indigenous Gardens Network.

FoodSwell was established in 2013 and got underway in early 2014. 

    anthea[at] / anthea[at]
    ph: 02 9818 1580
    mobile: 0419 478856


Hello, I’m passionate about food security, sustainability and new ways for people from different backgrounds and places to get together to grow more resilient communities, better health and wellbeing!

Wherever we live – remote, regional, urban – we can chip in to ‘grow more of our own’.

People living in remote communities know how much fresh food costs: often at least 30% more where they live than in urban areas. We can be pretty confident food prices in remote communities aren’t going to ‘get less’ – so meaningful action to grow, harvest, and eat more ‘local’ food makes sense for a variety of social, economic and environmental reasons.

There are many good reasons to grow your own – for livelihoods at home, for community, for enterprise – all part of the picture of why I established RIG Network to help people who care to connect, to make things happen, and to grow food more sustainably through garden and food enterprise projects that people want, own and care about.

My background is in the humanities, sustainable design and development.  I specialise in interdisciplinary research,  project facilitation and communications to promote sustainability. Over the past 20 years I’ve worked as an employee and consultant for organisations that include the EcoDesign Foundation, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the University of Cape Town,  the Institution of Engineers, Sustainable Technologies Australia,  the NSW Department of Planning and the amazing NGO,  Food and Trees for Africa. I’ve  lived and worked in South Africa, Indonesia and South Korea, and established Southern Exchange, Sydney, in 2008. When I came back to Australia in late 2007 it struck me that there was a great need – and opportunity – for more action for local food production in remote and regional Australia.

RIG Network started as a project initiative of my small business Augusta Nelson Pty Ltd, t/a Southern Exchange in 2009. We received a small grant to kick things off and from 2009-mid 2013 kept things going and growing with the smell of an oily rag.

In 2013 friends, colleagues and I established FoodSwell Limited – a social enterprise and a registered charity that provides a new organisational and governance home for RIG Network. FoodSwell programs include and expand upon those of the Remote Indigenous Gardens Network and assist remote, regional and urban Australians to learn, walk and work together on practical and strategic initiatives to promote better access to sustainable, healthy, reliable food for the long term.

To learn more about FoodSwell – visit 

To help us grow the impact of what we do, please consider donating to RIG Network and FoodSwell.

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