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EduGrow Resources



The Department of Health, Northern Territory Government, Let’s Dig! A School Garden Resource.

 Let’s Dig! specially developed for NT schools and launched in 2013 . It provides excellent teaching materials and suggestions, with sections on nutrition, gardening, food safety and cooking. Download and print from:

 Australian Organic Schools - Curriculum Materials

Visit to learn more and to download materials.

Australian Organic Schools is designed to support schools to incorporate organic food gardens and student learning outcomes into their school curriculum.The curriculum material consists of 32 lessons within 10 topics. Each topic contains student worksheets, assessments and extensive teacher background information. Lessons are aligned with the Australian Curriculum, complement school subject areas and include ideas and resources for running hands-on activities outdoors and in the classroom. The curriculum resources have been developed for primary schools; however some lessons are suitable to adapt to preschool and lower secondary school levels.

 The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

For over ten years the not-for-profit Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKG) has been working closely with teachers, students and education departments. SAKG make available a selection of curriculum resources freely available to the public. SAKG have created a curriculum matrix listing every activity in the Tools for Teachers series against the relevant Learning Area and Strand of the Australian Curriculum. This handy reference tool makes planning for your kitchen, garden and classroom activities quicker and easier by allowing you to find the  activity for specific learning areas and year levels at a glance. Visit the link below to see what FREE curriculum tools and resources you can download as well as the option to download the SAKG Curriculum Matrix:

NEW Links to new teaching resources you can freely download:

New units from the Tools for Teachers series which can be readily downloaded for use in the classroom.

 Window on the World

 Practical Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden

 Friend or Foe?
 Seasonal Cycles and Australia’s History
 Acidity in the Soil

 Using literacy, numeracy and science skills in the kitchen and garden

Downloadable resources that contain an array of simple ideas to help you draw on and extend students’ literacy, numeracy and science skills in your kitchen and garden classes.

 Literacy in the kitchen
 Numeracy in the kitchen  Science in the kitchen  Literacy in the garden
 Numeracy in the garden  Science in the garden


  • Carolyn Nuttall’s permaculture for schools book, Outdoor Classrooms.
  • Leonie Norrington’s popular book, Tropical Food Gardens– a guide to growing fruit, herbs and vegetables
  • Environment CentreNT, Top End Gardening– your practical guide to establishing a productive garden

Note: If your school participated in EduGrow 2013 your school will have received copies of the above books as part of the EduGrow Garden Information Kit 2013 that was sent to your school. These books may be in your school library or last years EduGrow School Garden Team Leader may have them!


 ACIAR’s Twelve Handy Fact Sheets about Nutritious Leafy Green Vegetables for Tropical Areas.

These fact sheets are all about how to grow twelve nutritious leafy green vegetables that are ideal for tropical areas. They include nutritional and other data, were developed by ACIAR and kindly shared with RIG Network. Good gardening and teaching resources! Download and print them from:

Food and other gardens in and about remote communities: A Guide – planning considerations and project opportunities.

This guide was commissioned by FAHCSIA and published by RIG Network in 2013. It includes information about design, planning and management considerations for sustainable gardens along with information about practical garden building blocks, different types of gardens and the diverse benefits gardens may offer.  Download the ‘Gardens Guide’ at:


RESOURCES – EduGrow 2011 – 2014

  • Ecofriendly Food School Resources, includes series of lesson plans and activities aimed at teachers of students in years 2-5. The lesson plans are designed to teach students the relationship between food choice and environmental sustainability through the concepts of food miles and seasonality. These resources have recently been updated to align with the national curriculum and uploaded to the Ecofriendly Food website. They can be downloaded from
  • Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) - Gardens for food, Alice Springs Vegie Companion, A Handbook for growing food in arid Australia, Spring 2010. Courtesy, ALEC.Alice Springs Vegie Garden Companion
  • Darwin Garden Educators Network (DGEN) - Permaculture Fact Sheets, 2011, Courtesy DGEN.

01- What is Permaculture?

02 – Soil

03 – Pest and Weed Management

04 – Pollination and seed saving

05 – Planting

06 – Water

07 – Recycling

08 – Chickens

09 – Patterns

  • NT Department of Resources, Primary Industries, Growing at Home, gardening fact sheets, 2011.

Visit the Departments website at the following link to download easy ‘how to’ growing guides:  bananas, pumpkin and watermelon.

  • The EON Foundations, Edible Gardens and Thriving Communities program, WA.

Visit the EON Foundations website to access a range of edible gardens resources, Interactive Food Wheel and step by step guide to planning and establishing an edible garden  - materials developed by EON to support school and community gardens in remote Western Australia.

EON Edible Gardens – Useful Resources, program information

Resources/garden programs for development – International

Gunawirra Eingana Program Report on pre-school garden


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