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EON Thriving Communities – RIG News #14

2011 October 4
by Webmaster
EON Thriving Communities - August 2011

Update from the EON Foundation – Western Australia

EON Thriving Communities – Aug 2011

Story by Christine Stott, Executive Officer, EON Foundation Inc, for RIG News

After a frustratingly slow start to the year following the long and impressive wet season the EON Thriving Communities Program is full steam ahead with all communities delivering bountiful crops.

We are establishing luscious fruit groves in each of our schools and the edible gardens have become an integrated part of each school’s curriculum. This is an important step towards achieving our sustainability goals.

We have held successful container garden workshops at Djarindjin, One Arm Point and Noonkanbah, teaching participants the skills and benefits of growing vegetables in pots.

Participants were able to take their pots home and they sit very proudly in local gardens.

It has been important that EON deliver the Thriving Communities program at “Pace and Place”. Meeting the needs of individual communities is critical and implementing programs at a pace the community can work to is important for success.

The Healthy Eating component of the program has been embraced by schools and communities. Suzanne O’Connell delivers food, nutrition and cooking classes, integrating knowledge and produce from the edible gardens into cooking classes focused on healthy living outcomes.

In June 2011 EON was successful in securing funding from the Department of Health and Aging Local Community Campaigns fund which will enable us to extend our edible garden and healthy eating programs in current communities and deliver a new program, Healthy Homes.
Healthy Homes is an extension of the knowledge and skills learned in the Edible Garden and Healthy Eating programs, taking the health and hygiene and healthy living components in to the home through home maintenance and hygiene workshops.

To ensure the ongoing success of the Program EON is committed to meeting the needs of individual communities and adapting our programs to fit. We are also steadfast in maintaining that the ownership of the program, particularly the gardens, belongs with the community and as such community must be engaged and take responsibility for ongoing maintenance.

EON Project Managers provide training and supervision to community members to build community capacity to ensure the ongoing longevity of the gardens.

Acknowledgements: Warm thanks to Christine Stott, Executive Officer, EON Foundation Inc for the above update. The EON Foundation is a RIG Network Partner Organisation and we are always keen to spread the word about the great work that they do in and with very remote communities in WA.

Pictured below: Looma School Garden beds

RIG News #14 – August 2011

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