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Business & strategic planning for CDEP Gardens – RIG workshop at 2011 CDEP National Conference

2011 May 6
by anthea

“By providers for providers” was the theme of the 2011 CDEP National Conference – Vision to Action, that was held in Alice Springs in early April. Following on from the ‘local food production’ CDEP best practice and new opportunities workshop that was held in Darwin late last year, RIG was invited to facilitate a short workshop.

We thought a focus on strategic project planning –  gardens as  a training ‘place’ and/or as gardens with a future, and the need for clear pathways for both – was a good topic to tackle. A key thing we encouraged garden project managers to focus on was setting up good (achievable!) measures of success  to help ‘tell and sell’ the benefits of their project – eg. ensuring simple but powerful data about what and how much their gardens produce, and valuing it at equivalent shop prices in their communities! (so often up to 50% more than urban centres).

The workshop presentation, “Down and Dirty in the Garden – Planning for success and what is it?” is under Useful Resources or click here to download it.  Tell us what you think – and how you are measuring the outputs/benefits of your gardens!

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