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EON Foundation Edible Gardens, from RIG News 8

2010 August 1
by Webmaster
Inspecting new growth at Nookanbah

News from Clair Medhurst

Great new gardening resources from EON

Visit the EON foundation’s recently updated website to access additional fact sheets to support edible gardeners with technical information and garden advice. Plus the interactive Bardi Food Wheel is now live and provides a season by season guide for planting vegetables, fruit and bush tucker as well as the types of pests that need to be managed.

Other news about EON Foundation Inc Gardens

Half way through 2010 and EON Foundation’s constant presence in the remote Kimberley indigenous communities in which it has partnerships continues. EON directors and horticultural consultant Sabrina Hahn, have made several visits to communities and our Kimberley project manager Chris Cassidy visits each community each fortnight. This high level of “turning up” and staying in communities ensures we continue to build our relationships and partnerships while proactively identifying opportunities to expand and improve the way we operate.

With agreement, planning and infrastructure delivery to the new EON Edible Gardens at Kadjina and Wangkatjungka schools are underway, we’re now the proud parents of seven school gardens in the Kimberley. They include:
Dampier Peninsular: Djarindjin/Lombadina, Beagle Bay, One Arm Point Fitzroy Valley: Looma, Nookanbah, Kadjina, Wangkatjungka.

Plans for further expansion are being developed, and EON will continue its strategy of geographic “clustering” of operations for maximum efficiency.

Full infrastructure is now in place at Djarindjin Lombadina with extensions made at One Arm Point. A full vegetable garden and shade house are in place at Looma and is incorporated into the daily school curriculum. At Nookanbah several vegetable beds and a shade house have been built and are in use. The highlight of the year has been the site clearance at Kadjina and the establishment of some beds. This was due to a huge effort and great deal of enthusiasm of community members.
Grasshopper plagues, a dry “wet”, a wet “dry”, powerful winds and boggy roads provide plenty of humour and challenges for the EON team and partners.

In support of the gardens a garden manual has been prepared with the content finalised and proof reviewed for printing. It is anticipated that the manual will be available to all schools in Term 3 and will assist the children in preparing and maintaining their gardens.

There is continuing mutual support and a strong relationship between EON and Unity of First People of Australia delivering nutrition and cooking classes to our remote communities in the fight against Type II Diabetes.

The EON focus will remain on ensuring the sustainability of the gardens and the incorporation of the learnings into the wider community to enable the generation of healthy communities. EON will continue to look for opportunities to further embed the principles of healthy communities and good nutrition in partnership with local elders and community members.

Information and images kindly provided by Clair Medhurst.

RIG News is written and produced by Anthea Fawcett for RIG Network.


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