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Jungdranung Remote Community School Garden

2009 November 15
by rachel

This garden story was provided to the RIG Network in August 2009, through the RIG Network story. If you have a garden story, please fill out the survey by clicking here.

Mandangala community (also known as Glen Hill) has a population of between 20 and 50 people and is located in the east Kimberley region, south of Kununurra.

In Mandangala, the Jungdranung Remote Community School established a school garden in April 2009 as a school project.

Sean Firth is the manager for the garden, and runs an after-hours gardening club with the students once a week. His duties include getting activities ready for each session and making sure that the students have something fun to do each week.

The WA Healthy Schools grant program provided assistance to establish the garden. Sean Firth designed the garden and it is being built week by week with around 15 students.

The students are all volunteer participants in the garden and eat things fresh off the plants.

The Jungdranung Remote Community School Garden plans to distribute does not have a distribution system as the harvest is not quite ready yet but the plan is to send food home with the student volunteers.

The garden relies upon a bore water irrigation system and as yet does not include any bush tucker.

In terms of support for the garden, manager Sean Firth has found that every person who visits it, really loves the garden when they are given a guided tour. The students are the guides and the teachers don’t even accompany them. The kids show real ownership over the garden and can be trusted to work in it unsupervised.

The main challenge that the Jungdranung Remote Community School Garden face are a lack of good soil. It has taken years to get the soil in the area to the current state and more improvement is needed.

For more information about the Jungdranung Remote Community School Garden, please contact Sean Firth at:

Jungdranung Remote Community School

PO Box 351

Kununurra WA 6743

Or via email: seanfirth  at

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