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Katherine Community Market & the Katherine Region Food Processing Group

2009 September 4
by anthea

The Katherine Community Market – a weekly farmers’ market, offering fresh local produce, breakfast and entertainment in the park – is proving popular and a great place for people to sell and access local produce. It’s a great example of a ‘creating opportunity’ for local people who might be growing food gardens at home or in their communities and who would like to sell some of their produce (from farm and garden to the table!). The Katherine Community Market is an exciting new community minded initiative that builds on earlier work done by Katherine women to form the Katherine Region Food Processing Group. Led by Norma Higgins, the group established a public commercial kitchen and approved food processing facilities that people can access to cook, process and package foods for sale or local consumption.

For more information about the Katherine Community Market and the Katherine Region Food Processing Group  see their great website – check it out in our links section where it is listed under BUSINESS/ENTERPRISE LINKS & NETWORKS.

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  1. Ross Walsh permalink
    July 10, 2010

    Katherine Community Market, a project established by the Northern Territory Rural Women’s Award recipient of 2008 to provide a reliable low cost weekly venue for: market garden, community garden and surplus farm produce from the region, to be traded directly within the broader community where otherwise wastage occurs; to encourage development of small enterprise to produce value added items via the Katherine Community Market venue at Ryan Park provisioning economies of scale and retail exposure; and to provide a point of sale for small enterprise already producing value added products at the Katherine Region Food Group community kitchen.
    RIG Network and activity like the Fresh Food Summit are encoraging signs of practical cooperation and collaboration between organisations for the common good (read altruistic), a the theme that the market association support in principal. I am keen to explore opinions of forum participant’s about complementary ways a community food program can take advantage of a deliberate program of food exchange, to bring economies of scale and food supply security to small food garden enterprise. I am seeking to explore acceptance for the concept of economic development and trade activity between small garden networks operating in a region.

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